Piano Lessons in Swansea

Piano Lessons in Swansea

Learning to play the piano is a great hobby for students young and old. For younger students it can be a path to understand the motivation, dedication and determination needed to be successful in life - building up self-confidence and motivation that can be beneficial in all walks of life. For older students, especially those who have retired learning to play the piano can help to keep and active brain, increase co-ordination and provide a stimulus that promotes a healthy frame of mind.

The majority of my students take a one hour lesson each week and I would recommend the same for you as a student. However, if you are particularly pushed for time taking a lesson every other week is also possible. I would recommend for students under 12 years of age to take 1/2 hour lessons each week, as well as a good dose of practise at home or at school where ever they can access a piano/keyboard to play on. My lessons are tailored to each individual student promoting a learning environment where a student's passion for music shines through - to book your first piano lessons simply get in touch!

All Ages and Abilities

Whatever age you might be, taking the first steps towards playing a musical instrument can be the most daunting. I aim to make the process as simple, enjoyable and straight-forward as possible.

For those students who wish to return to the instrument, maybe after an extended period of time away, there's very little pleasure that can match really getting stuck back into honing your skills again - it's never too late to return!

Nothing is compulsory and we will work together to find the topics and pace that suit you. So don’t delay, get started with learning piano by booking a lesson today!

To book your first lesson today, or simply to find out more about my piano teaching, email info@pianolessonsswansea.com or call 01792 439125.

Three things stand out in Joe's lessons - his attention to detail (I can't get a mistake passed him!), his gentle teaching method and that fact you really get the feeling he's focused on your development, right from the get go. - Anna, piano student of two years.

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