Music Shops in Swansea

Music Shops in Swansea

There will come a time with every pianist, be they a beginner or an experienced player, where you will need a new piano, or different accessories in order to take your piano playing to new heights. This can be quite a daunting experience for all levels of piano players, for it is difficult to know which music shops can give you what you need. Our tutors at Piano Lessons Swansea have put together a list of their favourite shops in the area in order to take the pressure off you. You need only pop along and see what these fantastic stores can offer you and your piano playing.

Coach House Pianos is a great option for both beginners and experienced pianists alike. Established over 25 years ago, the shop has a vast knowledge of all pianos, so are well placed to help you make the difficult decision of choosing the right piano for you. And with large premises, there are plenty of pianos on offer (with several hundred on display!) for you to see and try out before deciding what is right for you. The store has a full range of pianos on offer from some of the world’s premium brands, including Yamaha and Steinway. So whether you are looking for an upright, digital or grand piano, Coach House Pianos has something for you. With an after service including tuning and repairs, which will see you in the capable hands of experienced piano technicians, there is no better place in Swansea to find your dream piano. They are based a short drive from Swansea city centre, SA5 8HR.

The Music Station has an enviable supply of digital pianos and keyboards, so you will be guaranteed to find a product that you can use to expand your piano playing. The store is staffed by musicians, who are always on hand to give advice in order to ensure you leave with the right piano or accessory. This makes it a great choice for beginner pianists, who may be uncertain as to what they need. With top quality brands on offer at competitive prices, The Music Station is a strong contender for the best piano shop in Swansea. It is not just pianos on offer; The Music Station also has a large range of accessories on offer, so that you can get all you need to help make your piano playing enjoyable and fantastic. The store is a short drive from Swansea city centre, SA7 9FF, but well worth the visit.

Cranes Music Store offer everything you could possibly need to get started with your piano playing, to ensure you get that vital practice outside of lessons. They sell all types of pianos, from digital to grand to upright pianos, and as you can imagine with purchasing a piano, it comes at a price. But with high prices comes an assurance of quality, with premium brands on offer. The store offers a good range of accessories, from piano stools to synthesizers, which will enable you to explore new sounds with your piano playing. The shop is a family run business which has been going for over 100 years, so for a personal service, this is a great option. Shopping here will also see you follow in the footsteps of several famous musicians, including Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers, who have used Cranes in the past. The store is located centrally in Swansea, SA1 3LG.

Wilks is the place to come for all your music gifts. So once you start playing the piano, make sure to send your family and friends down to pick you up a birthday or Christmas present, for you will find a wide range of musical themed gifts in this store. Should you be looking for piano themed stationery, or something more educational such as music books or sheet music to expand your piano playing, then this is the store for you. They also offer a range of musical instruments to compliment the gifts and books on offer. As a well-established shop in Swansea, the friendly staff have the knowledge to help you leave with what you came for, or the next best thing. Wilks is based in a convenient location on Carmarthen Road, SA5 4BP.

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Three things stand out in Joe's lessons - his attention to detail (I can't get a mistake passed him!), his gentle teaching method and that fact you really get the feeling he's focused on your development, right from the get go. - Anna, piano student of two years.

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