Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Our tutors here at Piano Lessons Swansea find it great when their students choose to go into the recording studio. They believe that it is a great challenge for pianists no matter what level you are playing at, and it can certainly teach you things that you wouldn’t necessarily learn in your piano lessons. Not only that, but it is a great way to be able to see how far you have come with your piano lessons, and it is a great way to share your new piano skills with family and friends.

Sycamore Studio has been established in the recording industry since 1979, so has developed a wealth of knowledge and perfected recording techniques to ensure that you leave with an outstanding quality product. They have quality facilities to give you a seamless and enjoyable experience, and it comes at affordable prices too. This means Sycamore Studio is the perfect choice for both first time recorders and experienced musicians. They cater to a wide variety of musicians, so whether you are looking for a professional recording to showcase your best skills, or just want the recording for your own use to show family and friends how far you have come, Sycamore Studio is the perfect choice in Swansea. The studio also has a sound proof rehearsal room, which is especially useful for those looking to perfect their piano playing before recording.

Rhondda Street Studios offers an intimate experience in a small space located on Constitution Hill in the heart of Swansea. The studio overlooks Swansea Bay, which offers great inspiration to ensure that your creativity flows from start to finish. The studio’s engineer has worked alongside leaders in the recording industry, so has both the knowledge and experience to guarantee a great sound. With prices as little as £15 per hour, the studio represents the ultimate value for money, which is perfect if you are looking for your first recording experience but don’t want to break the bank. The studio offers a full range of services, from recording to mastering. Rhondda Street Studios has experience in recording a wide range of genres, so no project is beyond its expertise. As its name suggests, the studio is located on Rhondda Street, SA1 6EU.

Sonic One was established in 1989, and is now located in Llangennech, a short drive from Swansea. The new studio is three times the size of its predecessor, meaning the studio now has the capacity to record a wider range of musicians, especially as it can accommodate a full band. This means the studio is perfect for pianists. Coupled with the high quality technology that the studio houses, Sonic One is well equipped to get the best from your piano playing. The studio may be pricier than other studios in Swansea at £300 for a full day, but the studio is well worth a visit if you are looking for a premium recording experience. You will also receive a CD copy of your recording, which you can use to showcase your talent to family and friends. The studio is located on Maes Road, SA14 8UG.

YMCA Swansea Recording Studio is a fantastic option if you are looking for a studio in the heart of the community, which offers recording at affordable prices. The studio is flexible in its offerings, and is able to record everything from a demo to a full track album. The equipment is premium quality, with Logic Pro and a wide selection of microphones and a PA system, which will help achieve the most from your piano playing. They also have a Yamaha portable grand piano for use in recording, making it an obvious choice for pianists looking to record. The studio is determined to cater to every musician, and will always discuss your project beforehand to ensure that the end product matches what you want. This also means that prices will vary depending upon what you are seeking to record, which could make it more affordable than other studios in Swansea. The studio is located in the heart of Swansea city centre, SA1 5JQ.

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Whatever age you might be, taking the first steps towards playing a musical instrument can be the most daunting. I aim to make the process as simple, enjoyable and straight-forward as possible.

For those students who wish to return to the instrument, maybe after an extended period of time away, there's very little pleasure that can match really getting stuck back into honing your skills again - it's never too late to return!

Nothing is compulsory and we will work together to find the topics and pace that suit you. So don’t delay, get started with learning piano by booking a lesson today!

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Three things stand out in Joe's lessons - his attention to detail (I can't get a mistake passed him!), his gentle teaching method and that fact you really get the feeling he's focused on your development, right from the get go. - Anna, piano student of two years.

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